Philip Meshcheriakov

Philip Meshcheriakov

Debuted as a double bass player at the jazz club “Kvadrat” in 1998.
November 1998, with the trio (Dmitry Levitan – piano, Philipp Mescheryakov-bass, Dmitry Schwartz – drums) was the winner of the contest of young performers “Autumn Marathon” held by the Jazz Philharmonic Hall (St. Petersburg).
In 1999 – Alexei Kanunnikov jazz band at jazz festivals in St. Petersburg (“White Nights Swing”), Viborg (“Serenade of the Vyborg Castle”), Belarus, Samara, Izhevsk, Perm, Tyumen.

From 2001 to 2006 – concerts and studio recordings with Sergey Gusyatinsky Big Band in St. Petersburg. The Big Band recorded two albums: “It’s wonderful” and “Forty Second Street”. Two famous american jazz musicians – singer Dennis Perrier (Dennis Perrier) and saxophonist Richie Cole (Richie Cole) – featured there. In February 2006 – membership of the “Open World” (“Open World”) delegated to the United States, where he acted as a bass player in the group “Russian Eight” at Lionell Hampton Jazz Festival (Moscow, Idaho, USA, 2006) and in Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley jazz club in Seattle.

From 2006 to 2010 – tours, performances at numerous festivals “Usadba-jazz” in Moscow with Moonglow (2008) and Cuba Jam (2009), with the same group at the music festival Kremlin LIVE 2009 (Kazan). With an ensemble of Maxim Nekrasov – at harmonica festival (Central House of Artists in Moscow), with Swing Couture band – the St. Petersburg Festival “Colors of Jazz” (2006), with Yana Fortep Band – on Jazzanova Jazz Festival 2009 in Kitzbuhel, Austria, with Zhenya Gimer trio at jazz festival in the Peter and Paul fortress (2010). Concerts and jazz venues in St. Petersburg, with participation of foreign soloists: singer Magnie Wentzel from Norway (in the trio of Peter Kornev), american saxophone players Jesse Jones and Curtis Johnson, singers Deborah Davis and Kim Nalley (with Andrei Kondakov and Gariy Bagdasarian), vocalists David Post, Ty Stephens (with the ensemble of Nikolai Sizov).

2011 – CD release “Piano trio from Russia. Volume 1. Nikolay Sizov. Steps on the sand”. (Nikolai Sizov –piano, Philipp Meshcheryakov – double bass, Gariy Bagdasarian – drums). The album was recorded at Petersburg Recording Studio (“Melody”) and released on CD in Japan and received positive reviews in this country. In the same year, the participants signed a trio with saxophonist Alexey Popov (CD album “All Inclusive”) and performed with the American singer Ty Stephens at City festival celebration of St. Petersburg.

In 2012, the publishing house “Bomba-Piter” released the CD “JazzPhil. Philipp Meshcheryakov Ensemble.» with the participation of musicians: Philipp Meshcheryakov (double bass, bass guitar), Dmitry Semenov (saxophone), Maxim Nekrasov (harmonica), Alexander Alexeev and Nikolai Sizov (piano, keyboards), Gennady Rubtsov (guitar), Alexander Potapov (drums). Original compositions represented on this album were played at the festivals “Petrojazz” in the Peter and Paul Fortress and «Just Jazz» in the Kremlin of Novgorod Velikiy.

Numerous gigs were played during 2012-17 гг. with russian and foreign musicians: singers J.D.Walter, Deborah Davis, Kim Nalley, Jesse Jones Jr. (USA) with the group Andrey Kondakov, saxophonist Emanuele Cisi (Italy), pianist Larry Porter (USA), drummer Andrea Marcelli (Italy) with the band of Alexey Chizhik, drummer Andrea Beccaro (Italy), singer Elsa Baldini (Italy), pianist Tamara Mozes (Hungary), guitarist Bjorn Vidar Solli (Norway). In 2015 studio album recording with “Live People Ensemble” by pianist Natalia Skvortsova (CD «Planes», Fancy Music)


  • Silk Stocking Jazz. I love you. (2002)
  • Solar Project. La Musique. Studio Petromiks. (2003)
  • Jazz Club “Square”. The New Generation. (2003)
  • St. Petersburg Big Band Sergei Gusyatinsky. Forty Second Street. Bomba-Piter (2004)
  • Sergey Gusyatinsky’s St.Petersburg Big Band. It’s wonderful. Manchester Files. (2005)
  • Piano trio from Russia. Volume 1. Nikolay Sizov Trio. (2011)
  • Alexei Popov. All Inclusive. (2011)
  • Non Cadenza. “Infinity.” (2011)
  • Faijee. “Overcoming gravity”. (2011)
  • Ensemble Philip Meshcheriakova. JazzPhil. (Bomba-Piter.) (2012)
  • Billy’s Band. When was the one. (2013)
  • Live People. Planes. (Fancy Music) (2015)